Palm view- Palmera

Facing a grand garden, shaded with tall palm trees this room boasts a unique spectacular comfort embedded with the nature. This room is lavishly furnished with all the necessities and with a spacious out door area.

Family room- la familia

This is the perfect family gateway, with two magnificently furnished, adjoining rooms. With disabled access this room boasts a beautiful shady view and a cozy atmosphere.

Cozy Room- Aislada

Cozy, comfortable and elegantly furnished room, worthwhile for your budget with all the necessities and with a beautiful view of central mountains and the valley of Kandy.

Twilight Room – el ocaso

Get drawn to the wilderness with a view of tall mountains and pine forest, a luxury living with a walk-in robe, a large bed room and a spacious private bathroom and a private outdoor seating area. This is a perfect blend of luxury and nature.

Tall Tree Room- Arbol alto

Experience the cozy, shady and cool atmosphere with a view of a large tropical tree and enjoy the caliginous twilight from your terrace. Comfortable and an elegant suit with all your necessities.